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For three decades, I've known Vickie to enthusiastically enjoy the various beauties of nature, first in her native Nebraska — her steady “tranquility base” — then while living in Colorado since 1969. Vickie spent her early mountain summers working at a youth camp high in the Rockies with countless opportunities for appreciation of nature and wilderness. Today, no matter where she is, it’s no surprise to see her engaged with a variety of creative endeavors. — Larry Hallock, Chicago

My artistic interests and skills include oil, pencil, watercolor, photography, woodworking, lathe turning and graphic design. I've developed proficiency as a Photoshop artist and technician, as a page layout artist and web designer/developer. Most recently I've put my skills as an artist to work doing photo painting. (See link to the left.) Thank you for your interest in my creative and technical work. I am always just a click away! Email

This site is a project in progress. Links will be activated as they are complete. The “photography,” “biography” and “photo painting” links are presently active. I'll develop others as priorities permit — maybe even soon!



Click on this image to go to the larger annotated version


Our Tenth Annual WINTER SOLSTICE Music and Slide Show IS IN PROCESS! This 2009 slideshow is the kind of thing you'd view in a living room with friends. Because it will include music, I will add password protection which will be made available here. Thanks to every participant! I'm enjoying receiving your images and look forward to having all submissions no later than DECEMBER 28. Plan to join in next year if you didn't make it this year.

For me these works have been great fun, especially three or four of them. Just click the "photopaintings" link to the left and see for yourself.

Some works are by request others are as examples of the kind of custom work I do. ONE of the newer paintings, slightly larger than a thumbnail sketch, is below to the left. Click on it to get to the linked and annotated version.

AT THE PHOTO PAINTINGS LINK is an entirely new section — ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONS — this is an area that's been great fun to create.

Click this thumbnail image to get to that new area.

I welcome interest in my combined creative, teaching, computer and other services. It's a pleasure for me to share an assortment of artistic productions FREE for your enjoyment in addition to those items for sale or to be comissioned.

I am always just a click away! Email.